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Scottish Housing Regulator- Engagement Plan

On 3 December 2018, the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) decided to use its statutory powers at Fairfield Housing Co-operative (FHC) to protect the interests of our tenants by moving us into High Engagement. A copy of the Plan was issued to all tenants.

SHR took this action after it identified serious risks in the our governance and management following an independent investigation commissioned by us found serious misconduct and mismanagement within the Co-operative and that we have not been complying with Regulatory Standards. SHR appointed a Statutory Manager to oversee FHC and seven appointees were placed onto the Management Committee. The Statutory Manager and appointees are there to support the elected Committee members and staff team to address the serious and urgent risks to our governance and then to help us over time demonstrate that we fully comply with regulatory standards.

The SHR published their new Regulatory Framework today which sets out how they will now regulate social landlords across Scotland from 1 April 2019. With the new Framework, every registered social landlord has received a new Engagement Plan. These replace the former Regulation Plans. A copy of the new Engagement Plan for FHC can be found here: FHC Engagement Plan. If you wish a paper copy, please call or pop into the office.  

This notes we are still the subject of Statutory Action (the new term for High Engagement). The Plan notes further issues that we have identified over the past months. On a positive note, it acknowledged that we continue to working positively with the Regulator and appointees and that we now have a substantial improvement plan in place that we are working through to drive major improvements in governance, financial management and performance. We will be starting work shortly on our strategic options appraisal where we will look at the best shape of FHC in the future so that we can best serve our tenants and service users. We are in the process of setting up a new Tenant Panel so that we can feed the views of our customers directly into this process.  A date is still being arranged for the first meeting but if you are keen to get involved and help shape our future, please call Helen Ross our Housing Officer on 01738 630738 or email her at helen@fairfield-ha.org.uk

We will keep continue our tenants and key stakeholders fully updated on progress.  If you have any questions, please contact any of our staff team.


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