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Fairfield Housing Association
Fairfield Housing charter


Our publications section contains many of the most up-to-date and relevant documents we produce:

Guide to Information

Business Plan

Summary Business Plan

Audtied Accounts Year Ending 31st March 2019

Audited Accounts Year Ending 31st March 2020

Fairfield Housing Association Ltd Rules

EVH Terms & Conditions

Performance Report 2017-18

Performance Report 2018-19

Performance Report 2019-20

Annual Assurance Statement


On 2 November 2020, Fairfield Housing Co-operative converted its status and name to Fairfield Housing Association, all policies and procedures transferred to the Housing Association, so all references to Co-operative should now be read as Association. As policies are reviewed the name within the policies will be changed. 

Our policies detail the processes, procedures and strategies we must follow.

They cover every area of our activities including tenant participation, rent, anti-social behaviour and repairs and maintenance. 

If the policy you are looking for is not listed here, or if you would like more information, please contact us.

Standing Orders

Code of Conduct for Staff

Code of Conduct for Governing Board Memebers

Entitlements, Payments & Benefits

Management Committee Expenses

Staff Allowances & Expenses

Health & Safety Policy Statement

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Risk Management

Financial Regulations

Financial Procedures

Allocations Policy

FOI and EIR Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Income, Rent Arrears & Debt Management Policy

Customer Excellence Framework

Legionella Safety Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Asbestos Policy

Membership Policy

Estate Management Policy

Tenant Participation Policy

Repairs and Maintenance Policy

Compliments and Complaints Policy

Other Information

Contractors & Suppliers Register

Sharing Services with Kingdom Housing Associtation- Information Leaflet

Proposal to Change our Rules- Information Leaflet

Engagement Plan

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